Boxed OUT!

One of the reasons we love Apple is that they pay attention to every part of the process, from providing great products right through taking care of their customers and transitioning them through upgrades to new hardware on a fairly predictable process.

Apple’s attention to detail and design extends to their packaging, and anyone who has bought a new Mac or iPhone knows that the “unboxing” experience feels like Christmas morning, whatever time of year you do it.

Unfortunately, there’s also a down side …

boxed out

That photo above shows just a portion of the packing materials left over from the dozens and dozens of Macs we’ve bought here at Appy Entertainment these last several years. Our recent expansion inspired a bit of spring cleaning, and so the many Mac boxes we had laying around got the heave-ho.

Apple’s packing isn’t especially egregious in terms of the waste it creates (and I’m sure they have entire divisions devoted to eco-friendly packaging), but when you pile it up all at once, you can feel a little … boxed in.

And this was only about half of what we had. Plus, all of it was two flights of stairs away from the recycling bin. Ouch.